From Jackie Onassis’s regal estate to Taylor Swift’s ostentatious mansion, we enter the world of the rich and famous

We all understand what it’s like to be at home – but what would it be like to live in the homes of celebs?

Celine Dion

Size: 21,000 sq ft

Location: Jupiter Island, Florida

Price: Sold for US$29 million in 2017

Highlights: Glass walls, 13 rooms and 14 bathrooms are not the most defining components of the Bahamian-inspired mansion. The massive water park fits into our visualization of what a celebrity house should look like. Requiring 450,000 gallons of water, the pool system contains two diving pools, two water slides, a river, water cannons and a tree house.

Taylor Swift

Size: 11,000 sq ft

Location: Beverly Hills, California

Price: It cost Swift US $26million in 2015

Highlights: The modern estate of Goldwyn, founder of the famous Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, the home dates back to 1934. It is in the same region as Hollywood legends Clark Gable and Charlie Chaplin. The home was a location for the 1947 Oscar-winning film, The Best Years of Our Lives.

Ellen DeGeneres

Size: 10,200 sq ft

Location: Montecito, California Hill

Price: On sale for US$40.5 million

Highlights: Overlooking the ocean and cliffs, the house has been re-decorated in a relaxed style. The pool and tennis court are perfect for Californian sunlight. Stones, marbles and handmade iron windows give it a rustic look.

Marilyn Monroe

Size: 2,524 sq ft

Location: Brentwood, Los Angeles

Price: Sold in 2017 for US$7.20 million

Highlights: What kind of home would convince the American bombshell to buy it periods before she took her own life? The fact that it is the only house Monroe ever got is enough of an attraction for some. The house remains sound, as does the famous kidney-shaped pool that Monroe used to swim in.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Size: 24,000 sq ft

Location: McLean, Northern Virginia

Price: On sale for US$50 million

Highlights: This mansion testified a girl who turned up to be the first lady. It certainly looks like a house to keep such a lady – classic style increases, enclosed garden and river-view patio give it a sense of fine style, while the tennis court and the indoor and outside pools are an evidence of its luxury.

Johnny Carson

Size: 177,240 sq ft

Location: Point Dume, Malibu

Price: On sale for US$81.4 million

Highlights: Numerous celebrity villas have sea face, but it is a few unions that also gives cliff-top area and huge glass walls that allow you to overlook the Pacific Ocean from anyplace in the house. The house of the famous late-night talk show host comes furnished with an outdoor pond and waterfall, and indoor landscaping that helps it combine in with the natural environment.

Audrey Hepburn

Size: 6,000 sq ft

Location: Holmby Hills, Los Angeles

Price: On sale for US$14.995 million

Highlights: The mansion is as beautiful as the Hollywood film and fashion icon. The 600 sq ft guest house and 900 sq ft staff office provide proof to her hospitality. The main house, designed by engineer Paul Williams, shows a perfect taste.

Elvis Presley

Size: 7,000 sq ft

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Price: On sale for US$5.9 million

Highlight: Elvis’ vacation house was dubbed ‘The House of Tomorrow’ by Look Magazine in 1962. Designed by modernist creator William Krisel, the house still looks futuristic 55 years later with its walls of glass and pool garden. It also witnessed the fruit of that honeymoon with Priscilla – their daughter Lisa Marie.

Jane Fonda

Size: 7,200 sq ft

Location: Beverly Hills Trousdale Estates, California

Price: On sale for US$9.895 million

Highlight: The ancestry looks airy with good lighting and lots of glass elements – walls, lift and armrests. The fire pit in the pavilion, which offers views of the meditation garden outside, provides a comfortable atmosphere.

Meg Ryan

Size: 4,200 sq ft

Location: SoHo area in New York City

Price: Sold in 2017 for US$8.85 million

Highlights: After taking a lift up to the hayloft, visitors can see a house that has been refurbished by the actress and interior designer. Meg Ryan. The house offers a casual, contemporary city lifestyle, the simple beauty of black and white, presented brick walls in a media room and an open pantry filled with natural lighting.