Celebrate unique colours, textures and designs with these mesmerising story walls

Accent walls can offer excellent contrast and liven up a room. By taking in textures, patterns and colours, these walls introduce a shot of style and sputtering to the decor. Here are 10 beautiful hallmark walls that can up the ante in your home.

Gateway to fairyland

Colour-coordinated or theme-inspired story walls can add oomph to spaces. In this space, the perforated pinkish structure with a vibrant turquoise backing produces an illusory gateway to fairyland. The turquoise hue also negates the muted mud-coloured walls and complements the furnishings and the conceit. As an added adornment, beautiful flowers are sprinkled across the walls.

Sneak peek
Latticed or jail walls not just create a sense of depth but also allow light and air to pass through. Presented above is a beautifully obscure screen wall, which brings in legendary finesse and method to both the interiors and the facade of the house.

Fun with stick-ons
Stick-ons is an infinite way to set up a feature wall without throbbing a hole in your pocket. Morph Design Company keeps it simple with butterfly stick-on to emphasize a passage wall. The butterflies, in three colours, are expertly placed in clusters, complementing the neat arrangement of butterfly pictures in many colours at the extra end of the room.

Working with geometry
Geometrical shapes on walls quickly attract attention. Shown here is a textured wall by Pokyshop Studio that plays with designs. The crisscross design on the walls ties in with the triangular facet of the 3D glass and the diamond-patterned carpet. This accent wall makes a clean backdrop for the busy arrangement in the front.

Go rustic
D Home Style India produces an edgy limestone wall that, when paired with the wooden planks on the ceiling and the white tiles around it, makes ample focus to this corner.

Distressed excellence
Accent walls are great for tiny spaces too. Here, Pokyshop Studio keeps it subtle with a distressed, excellent finish on the wall. The dragonflies bring in an ingredient of instant fascination and playfulness.

Tip: Decals can be readily installed on walls and many are strong even in high-moisture zones like the bathroom. One can also consider stencil work or hand-painted themes.

If you can’t win them, join them! Kids love to scratch and a wall that doubles as a chalkboard are an intelligent way to encourage creativity. This designs a chalkboard wall to give the kids a free hand. Let them doodle away and bring little masterpieces without you panicking about stained walls.

Take it outside
Why confine yourself to just the indoors? This Design shows how to spruce up outside areas like a gallery with a deep-grey wall and weather-resistant bamboo poles. The dark hue is offset with loads of natural light, giving the space a warm and welcoming vibe.

Carved delight … or is it?
Love wood but worry about its high resources and cost? Try 3D Medium-Density Fibreboards (MDF) or MDF jails that can beautifully decorate bare walls. The easy-to-maintain walls look like wood and can be stained, laminated or scattered to obtain the desired finish.

Not-so-traditional wall decoration
The entrance to this home by The Orange Lane is decorated with a handpainted peepal tree decoration, set up against a stone wall backdrop. The hanging lamps, built-in Diya niches, miniature peacock feather motifs and engraved wooden bench make this a quintessentially traditional space but with a modern twist.